Protective film is an indispensable packaging material in various industries

- Jul 27, 2020-

The production material of PE protective film is a polymer organic compound with the simplest structure, and the most widely used polymer material in the world today. It uses special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the base material and is divided into high-density polyethylene, medium-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene according to the density. The product can be divided into micro-sticky, low-sticky, medium-sticky, high-sticky, etc. products with heat-resistant and high-temperature surface of 60 to 230 degrees. Customers can choose their own product series according to their needs. PE protective film can protect the goods from pollution, corrosion, scratches, and maintain the surface gloss of the original objects during transportation, processing, storage and use, thereby improving product quality. It is an indispensable packaging material for all kinds of stainless steel plates, aluminum plastic plates, mirror panels, titanium plates, color steel plates, decorative plates, plexiglass plates, fireproof plates, marble plates, curtain walls, plastic steel profiles, and other industries.

PE protective films are developing faster and faster. Nowadays they are developing very rapidly in various applications in the industrial field and digital products. The quality and characteristics of protective films are also raising higher and stricter requirements. It is now used in many fields, mainly including: coated metal product surface, metal product surface, plastic product surface, electronic product surface, automotive product surface, signage product surface, profile product surface and other product surfaces. Pay attention to the development of new products with high barrier properties, high temperature resistance and freshness, such as sterile packaging films, antistatic films, and cooking resistant films. Focus on the development of packaging products such as pharmaceuticals, hot drinks and beer, and the development of multilayer composite hollow containers, pet bottles, non-toxic packaging cans, cans, etc. Build a raw material production base for degradable PE protective film.

The role of the protective film is to protect the materials to be protected from harmful gases and microorganisms during transportation, storage and processing; it can also prevent dust pollution, mechanical scratches; and bending and stretching In the process of processing, the lubricity between the material and the mold is effectively improved, so as to better improve the efficiency of the processing operation, and also to ensure the product level and reduce the consumption of raw materials, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing profits for the enterprise. Relying on the technological advantages of the chemical industry and using the production technology of degradable plastics-polylactic acid, a degradable plastics raw material production base will be built. At the same time, accelerate the application of degradable plastic raw materials and product technology development, so that the production and application development technology of degradable PE protective film is at the forefront. The future development direction of PE protective film should be developed towards the above four aspects and should penetrate into more fields. The competition between PET protective film and PE protective film stretch film has started in China as early as 1995. However, due to the problems of China's processing and refining technology, PET protective film has always been at a disadvantage, resulting in higher cost than PE protective film. Many, the industry entry barrier is much higher than PE protective film, so the application of PET protective film is limited.