Protective film is a new coating material

- Jul 02, 2018-

It is the collective name for new materials that can be applied by precision coating and compounding of one or more coating materials with different types of substrates, and can be used for various functional applications such as bonding, protection, antibacterial, explosion-proof, and radiation protection. The new functional materials for precision coating research do not include functional optical films (brightening films, diffusion films, polarizers, etc.) that possess electrical, magnetic, optical, and thermal properties. The research of precision coating functional new materials mainly includes four categories: precision coating adhesive materials, precision coating protection materials, functional coating materials, and polymer film materials.

Since the new functionalized precision coating material has functional (antibacterial, explosion-proof, radiation-proof, etc.), bonding, surface protection and other functions, it can better meet the needs of the goods, and better meet the needs of ease of use, etc. , Precision coating functional new material has excellent use effect, is an indispensable material in the field of consumer electronics, automobiles, building energy-saving and other fields. Precision coating functional new materials usually have high technical content, good economic benefits and strong market competitiveness.

Precision coating functional new materials are widely used in various fields such as flat panel display, consumer electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, building energy-saving, and Internet of things, and gradually new wearable devices such as smart terminals, robots, unmanned vehicles, aerospace, and intelligence. Home, smart city and other areas extended