Production process of PE protective film

- Jan 03, 2020-

Throughout the production process of PE protective film, there are many methods for forming PE protective film. Among them, three processes of casting, extrusion, and blow molding are more common. The production process can be further divided into blown film, coating, printing, testing, rewinding, slitting, and packaging. Each of these processes is different, and each process is indispensable. The protective film production process determines the quality. We follow the PE protective film manufacturers to see the entire production process.

The production process of PE protective film is as follows:

Blow Film >> Coating >> Printing >> Testing >> Rewinding >> Slitting >> Packaging

Blow film:

Blow-molded film is a film made by melting and plasticizing plastic in an extruder, extruding it into a film tube through a ring die, and inflating and cooling it with compressed air.


The glue needs to be made according to the specifications and models of PE protective film and applicable products, and then sent to a professional coating machine to apply the adhesive uniformly on the substrate.


The gravure printing machine immerses the printing plate in the ink tank, removes the ink from the non-engraved parts by a doctor blade, and then transfers the ink to the printing substrate under the action of the impression rubber roller.


PE protective film In the batching, blowing film, printing, coating production process, there will be professional quality inspectors for product quality inspection.


The semi-finished and finished products are re-rolled on the inspection machine. If the shapes, sizes, and colors of the feedback patterns from the sensors and the standard samples that have been entered into the computer exceed a certain range, the inspection machine will automatically stop for detection. The inspection process can reduce waste in subsequent processes and improve product quality.


Slitting process is the process of dividing large-size film rolls into the required size. Now, with the increasing application of automatic packaging equipment, more and more forms of film rolls leave the factory.


Transfer the finished PE protective film to the packaging machine for professional packaging.