Performance requirements and simple structure of pe protective film for mirror steel

- Jun 12, 2019-

The advantage of pe protective film for mirror steel is that the protected product is not polluted, corroded, scratched and protected during the production, processing, transportation, storage and use, thus protecting the original smooth and shiny surface, thereby improving product quality and market competition. force.

Performance requirements of pe protective film for mirror steel

1. The protective film is inert to the surface of the material to be protected.

2. The protective film has good adhesion to the material to be protected. During the material handling and processing, the protective film will not rise and fall off.

3, the protective film has better weather resistance and stability of the holding force, after a few days or a long time peeling force growth is not significant, easy to remove, there is no residual glue on the protected surface when removed, no picture.

4, low crystal point.