Pe protective Fim For Ceramic tile requirements and advantages

- Feb 18, 2019-

Pe protective film is used for the function of the tile mainly to put a film on the physical object to be protected, so that it can protect to a certain extent. Of course, the tile we often use is the same, it is needed before use. For protection, to prevent corrosion and oxidation damage, etc., we must choose the tile with the protective film when purchasing.

Pe protective film is used for the tile before the construction, the floor needs to be cleaned first, no debris, otherwise it will be easier to damage the floor film. Then remove the floor film, unfold, and tear the thick film behind. The side with the glue on it is attached to the tile. Then smooth it by hand and stick it. And especially need to pay attention to the corners do not rise.

Pe protective film is used for tiles to some extent in order to reduce the problems of the floor, and it is necessary to carefully lay the floor tiles. Pay attention to the wall tiles, do not rush to seam when laying dry, so as not to cause the tiles to be loose and uneven, affecting the construction effect.

Before the floor tiles are dry, do not walk on it to accumulate debris, so as not to cause the tiles to be loose and uneven. Wait until you have done it, then use the floor protection film.