Pe protection film has some problems of peeling

- Jun 17, 2020-

1. The adhesive between the PE protective film and the product is not firm:

After the PE protective film is pasted, during the process of transportation or use, there is a serious problem of shedding, basically because the protective film has insufficient viscosity when the protective film is produced, and the user is filming At the time, the used laminator is insufficient in pressure, or there is debris on the surface of the profile.

If the PE protective film is pasted on paint or dust, it will directly affect the adhesion of its sensitive adhesive. When such quality failures occur, the sensitive adhesive should be increased in pressure on the film in time, or before the film is attached. Thorough air conditioning on the surface of the profile can effectively avoid such problems.

Second, the pe protective film is better in the middle after a period of use, and the two sides are warped:

Basically, it is because when the PE protective film is pasted, the degree of stretching is too large, and after pasting, it encounters a higher temperature environment, which leads to a serious retraction phenomenon. This kind of problem actually occurs more often. Among customers in the South, because of the production of PE protective film, the temperature difference may occur.

3. It is difficult to peel off the PE protective film after pasting:

After the PE protective film is pasted on the profile, the phenomenon of normal peeling does not occur. The main factors can be divided into two points. The first is that the sensitive adhesive used is not special, resulting in good adhesion and difficult peeling. The external tension is greater than the inner. Stress, and directly left on the surface of the profile; the second is that the master tape is relatively soft on the material and cannot withstand the pulling force of peeling.

4. Use banana water. Banana water is an industrial agent used to remove paint, and it is more convenient to purchase. The method of use is the same as that of alcohol and acetone. Hot towels are required to be applied directly to the residual glue. And scrape it with a blade, the effect will gradually appear. EVA box, because the blue pet protective film is relatively good in physical and chemical properties, so it can be used so widely, but after the modification of silicone, the weather resistance, light retention and color retention performance Both have been improved, and it is very unlikely to appear powdering, and it is also better in gloss. As far as the current situation is concerned, 95% of the merchants on the market actually write original Japanese imported materials on the packaging. However, in reality, we actually need to pay attention to more than 95% of the products, but not A manufacturer that uses original imported materials from Japan and has a lot of protective films just borrows this slogan to fool consumers.