Manufacturing process and application field of Sandwich panel PE Protective film

- Mar 07, 2019-

The Sandwich panel PE Protective film effectively adopts a three-layer structure, and the surface layer is a frosted layer, which can effectively resist fingerprint attack when used. Generally, the finger slips over without leaving marks, even if liquid residue such as sweat is left. It can be cleaned with just a hand wipe to ensure maximum visual effect. The material is processed by a special process, which can effectively prevent reflection and reduce the problem of reflection in the sun or the screen.


During the manufacturing process of the Sandwich panel PE Protective film, corona treatment is generally performed, which will cause the film to increase its surface area and carry static electricity, and then carry out subsequent coating work, so that the film and glue can be applied. Good combination.


The PE protective film of the sandwich panel is effectively applied to the inner layer of the film. The main material of the sandwich panel is EVA, which has a certain adsorption function when used, thereby realizing the entire adsorption function of the membrane, and is widely used in each. And other fields.


In the production process of the sandwich panel PE protective film, the processing temperature of the barrel is appropriately increased and the method of collecting and cooling is adopted. The transparency of the film can be increased. In fact, in order to produce a transparent PP film, it is necessary to use a water quenching method to add a small amount of a polyacrylate resin excellent in transparency and compatibility with a PE protective film or a PP protective film.