Maintenance and maintenance of glass protective film

- Oct 12, 2020-

1. After the glass film is installed, do not move the glass within three days.

2. After the glass film is installed, do not scrub the film glass with water within 15 days.

3. Do not use suction cups to hang or fix any objects on the filmed glass, and do not paste stickers on the filmed glass.

4. Use an ammonia-free cleaning agent to spray slightly and evenly on the surface of the glass film, and then clean, soft cotton cloth or soft paper towel to gently dry the glass. The cotton cloth and paper towels often need to be wrung out, and they are contained on the cotton cloth/paper towel. The pure rubbing alcohol will quickly dissolve huge stains and fatty fingerprints. If the stain is not cleaned, spray the cleaning solution again, and wipe the window film horizontally from top to bottom with a soft rubber wiper until it is dry. Use a towel to dry the edges of the glass film.

5. If adhesive tape, sticky notes or decals are used on the glass film, remove the glue or glue remaining when these materials are removed. You can use a soft clean cotton cloth dipped in acetone and gently scrub the contaminated area. These residues can be removed quickly and completely. A small amount of acetone will not damage the surface of the membrane.

6. Do not use hard wipes, brushes, and wipes containing sand to clean the glass film. Once the film is scratched, it cannot be recovered. This is very important.