Main technical properties and processing technology of Medium Adhesive Protective Film For Metal

- Jun 19, 2019-

A metal thermal processing protective film for bonding a protective film in a metal is a completely gas-impermeable film formed by physical and chemical reaction of a metal surface layer and a coating contact region in a high-temperature and oxidizing gas environment. As a result of this reaction, the protective film has an integrated protective effect, that is, the protective metal does not oxidize, does not decarburize, does not cause the burning of the metal surface alloying elements, and at the same time acts as a lubricating effect in the subsequent thermal processing. This layer of process lubricant has special properties, which can guarantee the quality of the metal surface after high temperature heating is the same as the surface quality after cutting or hot working in argon atmosphere.

Main technical properties of adhesive protective film in metal

1. Paste performance test: easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residue.

a. Bend 90 degrees with the object, do not break, do not fall off.

b. After the paint film is peeled off, no residue remains on the surface of the paint film.

2. Load test: 360h25 degrees -50 degrees to withstand the load of /SPCM2, the surface of the glue does not remain after peeling off.

3. UV-resistant aging test: Under the condition of 50 degrees, the 300w UV lamp will not crack after 60h irradiation, no deformation, no residual marks on the surface after tearing off.

4. Humidity-resistant aging test: After 60 degrees +80%=240H, it will not fall off, no residual glue will be left after peeling, and the surface will not be corroded.

Adhesive requirements for adhesive protective film in metal

The adhesive protective film in the metal is applied to the surface without dust and oil.