Main characteristics of Auto Carpet Protection Film and electrostatic adsorption

- Mar 01, 2019-

The most notable feature of the car carpet protective film in the process of operation is that the texture is relatively hard and scratch-resistant. It will not turn yellow and oil out like pvc material when used for a long time. Under normal circumstances, it will rely on electrostatic adsorption. It is easy to foam and fall off during operation, but it can be reused even if it is washed off in clean water. Nowadays, the protective film can also be glued to adhere. Usually there are two kinds of glue, the adhesion of acrylic glue is strong, and the silica gel has good high temperature resistance.

Car carpet protective film protective film is a plastic film in the layman, which is mainly used in the appearance of metal products, the appearance of coated metal products, the appearance of plastic products, such as the appearance protection of household appliances, washing machines, microwave ovens, range hoods. Etc., the appearance and screen protection of mobile computer digital products, construction categories such as aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and windows when leaving the factory to protect the appearance, to prevent the appearance of scratches and other effects affecting the appearance, reduce the level of goods.

The application of automotive carpet protective film in the industrial field is speeding up, and it also puts forward higher requirements for maintaining the quality and characteristics of the film. The development and application of the maintenance film are mainly in the early 1970s in Japan, the United States and Europe. The country, after decades of development, has now achieved widespread applications in the machinery, instrumentation, electronics, marine, building materials and automotive manufacturing industries.