Main advantages of self-adhesive film and selection requirements

- Apr 28, 2018-

Since the mucous membrane is used in the process of production, its advanced equipment is used, and it is effectively produced in the purification workshop. To a certain extent, it can be tailor-made for customers, so that it can meet the different viscosity requirements of various products to some extent. The product is based on a specific formula of polyethylene and functional resins as the main material worth, generally using hot paste, easy to remove, good weather resistance, bonding resin will not adversely affect the protective material products, composite EU environmental monitoring regulations.

Since the mucous membrane is used in the process of its use is mainly the use of its stainless steel, aluminum alloy, extruded board light, frosted, brushed surface, to a certain extent, its aluminum alloy oxide polishing, oxidation coloring surface, color aluminum composite panel, electrophoretic color plate And other surface protective film.


1. Stripping stability: easy to tear off.

2. Does not contain glue, will not have the unfavorable impression on the protected surface after tearing.

3. Does not affect the quality of the material being glued.

4. Little crystal point, good ductility, waterproof, dustproof, high transparency, excellent temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.

5. Widely used in hardware products, plastic products, optoelectronic products and so on.

How to choose from transparent mucous membrane?

1. Choose a way, from the material point of view, itself is transparent from the mucosa, not only has a good transparency, in the specific use of the entire decoration effect is very good, that is, as long as we can all come to choose, Basically, it can protect the value of the product's advantages, and now many people still want to know when the choice of materials is not a good choice to judge? Of course, a good product can tell if it is good just by looking at it. If it is not well designed, it will have a lot of problems when it is used.

2. Choose method two, according to the whole paste method and price to do a detailed analysis, basically if consumers can all know the role of transparent self-adhesive film, in the actual choice will be more at ease, and now many people themselves are concerned The time will also be to look at the material and some advantages, now transparent paste from the film itself is very convenient, the market price is also very reasonable, it is indeed reasonable to choose to use, in the quality of protection, in the overall The protective effect can also be better, so you can choose with confidence.