Low Adhesion Stainless Steel Protective Film removal method and high stability

- Jan 25, 2019-

The low adhesion stainless steel protective film is made of a polyethylene film with a specific formula as the base material, and the polyacrylic acid (resin) resin is used as the main material of the pressure sensitive adhesive, and is coated with a specific auxiliary agent, such as coating, slitting and packaging. Got it. The stainless steel plate protective film has good anti-aging property and stable adhesive force, and is easy to tear and easy to stick, and peels off without residual glue, and does not adversely affect the surface to be attached.

Method for removing low adhesion stainless steel protective film

1. Use a hot air blower to blow off the protective film while heating.

2. Apply banana water, industrial alcohol or other organic liquid to the top of the stainless steel protective film to promote the melting of the protective film.

3. Brush the oil on the protective film with a brush and wait for a while before using a rag to clean the grease.