Pe Protective Film For Aluminium Profile preparation and use skills before use

- Dec 04, 2018-

The aluminum profile protection film needs to be strictly examined after each shipment, so that it can effectively guarantee the quantity, length and width to a certain extent, and it can be used properly, the state condition of the product, the temperature and the physics when using it. The shape or solid content should be qualified.


The preparation state of the aluminum profile protective film material can effectively provide its high temperature resistance function if necessary or can be adhered to the cold heat paste when it is attached, and can be used under different use conditions. Its fitting speed is an important factor in controlling cost and quality in the process of use. The speed of use of the product is determined to a certain extent depending on the degree of automation of the process equipment used.


The aluminum profile protective film is very soft in the process of use, has good adhesion properties, the product is very adhesive when used, and is relatively easy to be peeled off, and the residual glue does not appear during the peeling process. The greatest advantage of the use of the product is that it protects the product from corrosion, contamination and scratches during processing, transportation and storage.


In order to meet the requirements of automatic packaging, aluminum profile protection film is usually produced by co-extrusion method to produce polyethylene film, so that the composite layer has low slipperiness, ensuring high composite strength; at the same time, making the heat seal layer high Slip property in order to obtain a lower coefficient of friction and ensure good automatic film transport.