Long-term storage and use characteristics of Pe Protective Film For Aluminium Profile

- Dec 01, 2018-

Aluminum profile protection film is divided into two categories

1. Aluminum protective film for on-site construction

2. Protective film for aluminum factory products

The traditional construction protective film for aluminum profile protective film has the characteristics of strong anti-aging ability and high adhesion. The protective film for on-site construction of aluminum profile protective film mainly has milk white type and black and white protective film. Made of oily adhesive, good initial adhesion, easy to stick construction, high water-expansion capacity of viscose, strong adaptability under harsh climatic conditions, and low price than PVC protective film.

The aluminum profile protective film has the property of not contaminating the surface of the aluminum in a long-term storage environment. There are printing, transparent, milky white printing, black and white film printing and other types. Different adhesion requirements from mirror steel and aluminum to electrophoretic aluminum and anodized aluminum, powder sprayed aluminum, and fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum.

It is very important to control the aluminum profile protection film when it is used. If the film thickness exceeds the required film thickness, the material is wasted; if the film is too thin, a series of film defects will occur. The film thickness should be checked regularly. In order to avoid the film being too thick or too thin, the coating equipment must be maintained in accordance with the equipment supplier's requirements.