Glass protective film operation process and color requirements

- Mar 19, 2019-

The glass protective film is used to isolate ultraviolet rays. People and objects bathe with better sunlight. In the process of operation, it can effectively isolate more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays of ordinary glass, effectively protecting indoor cultural relics, historical materials, crafts, books, etc. without fading, without aging. To extend its life. It is far higher than other glass products and sunscreens, and is attached with a film to protect it from ultraviolet rays. It extends the use period of furniture and accessories in the home and enjoys better sunshine.

The glass protective film can effectively improve the microscopic appearance, and enhance the visual beauty of indoor and outdoor. When using the advanced coloring technology, the room film can meet the requirements of style and color when different consumers decorate and decorate. The glass film gives the building a new and unique appearance, and the cost is low, and the installation does not cause inconvenience to the indoor personnel. Deep dyed film, semi-reflective or total reflection film, rich in color and pattern. The interior is more comfortable and pleasant, and the appearance is more consistent.

The glass protective film enhances privacy and clear perspective, and the life is comfortable and worry-free. The translucent or white single-layer perspective film attached to the inner side of the glass window allows light to penetrate, the landscape outside the window is clearly distinguishable, and it can block others from peeing and protect the private space. With this transparent "coat" protection, you can be alone and at ease in your company or at home.

The glass protective film can effectively reduce glare and glare, protect the eyes and improve comfort. Direct sunlight can cause fatigue, eye fatigue and distraction. The glass film is directly mounted on the inner surface of the window glass, which helps to correct the uneven temperature in the light intensity area and the back area, and disperses the glare, making the indoor personnel more comfortable and more efficient.