How to use ground protection film

- Mar 03, 2020-

I. Protection of entrance doors The entry of all kinds of decoration materials and the cleaning of all kinds of construction and decoration garbage will pass through the entrance door. During the process of these items, the chance of collision and friction with the entrance door is greatly increased. Therefore, the first place that needs to be protected for finished products is our entrance door. Recommendation: Before the renovation starts until the furniture enters the market, the entrance door needs to be protected! For this, the door can be wrapped with a finished protective film.

Second, the protection of tiles and floor paving-The method of applying protective film to tile and floor paving is also part of the basic decoration. It is often found that the tile is not protected during the construction and after the construction. The specific performance is as follows: Tiles are stitched while being tiled, tiles are piled on the floor, debris is piled on the floor, tiles just paved on the floor, floor tiles, and the floor is not covered with a finished protective film. Caused the construction quality problems of tiles.


1. For wall and floor tiles, do not rush to sew seams when the tiles are not dry, so as to avoid artificially causing the tiles to become loose and uneven, which will affect the construction effect.

2. Before the ground tiles are dry, don't walk on it and pile up sundries to avoid loosening and unevenness of the tiles.

3. After paving the ground tiles, use the finished protective film to cover the tiles. It can not only prevent the sand from being damaged by the sand during decoration, but also effectively prevent colored liquids such as paint and coating from dripping onto the brick surface, causing ground pollution.