How to solve the residue problem?

- Aug 23, 2018-

The PE protective film is not firmly adhered to the protected product, and it is detached during transportation and use. The reason for this problem is exactly the opposite of the previous problem. The biggest possibility is that the protective film product is used in production. The viscosity of the sensitive adhesive is not enough. There is also a possibility that the pressure of the molding machine used by the user when the mold is being applied is not enough, or the surface of the profile is not clean, dust or paint, etc., which affects the adhesive effect of the sensitive adhesive! If this problem occurs, it is necessary to aim at the cause, the right medicine, replace the sensitive glue, increase the film pressure, or pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile when the film is applied to avoid such problems.

PE protective film performs well in the middle after using for a period of time, but the two ends are winged. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film has a greater degree of stretching during the pasting process with the protected profile. In the high temperature environment, there is an unnecessary retraction phenomenon. This problem occurs mostly in the products of southern customers. Therefore, PE protective film should pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature difference on the use of the product during the production process, and avoid it during the pasting process.