How to solve the problem that the PE protective film adhesive is not sticky

- Jun 26, 2020-

1. The first thing to determine is whether this situation has anything to do with the quality of the adhesive itself. If so, the adhesive must be replaced.

2. The total content of water and alcohol in the ethyl acetate of the adhesive in the configuration can be appropriately reduced, or a better quality ethyl acetate can be replaced, and the water and alcohol of the ethyl acetate with the best suitable adhesive The total content of the category should be less than 0.2%.

3. It is necessary to increase the curing agent to a ratio of about 5%-10% when encountering a composite protective PE film that is easy to absorb moisture, and also pay attention to not using the film that has been exposed to moisture at the same time.

4. To control the composite environment of the PE protective film, you can strengthen the indoor air convection, such as placing an exhaust fan, etc., but never blow it against the composite machine of the PE protective film. In addition, when compounding, pay attention to the scraper and guide roller near the glue tank at any time. If no water drops are generated, the speed of the vehicle should be reduced simultaneously.

5. To shorten the storage time of the prepared adhesive, then reduce the amount of each preparation to increase the number of preparations to shorten the storage time when preparing the adhesive, and then increase the drying temperature to reduce the residual The amount of solvent can also reduce the influence of moisture and alcohol on the curing agent.