How to quickly remove the protective film of aluminum composite panel

- Sep 11, 2020-

If the aluminum plate is not used for a long time, it is recommended that you do not use alcohol or other cleaning agents, but be patient and tear it slowly with your hands. The tearing speed should be slow, and the tearing direction should be at an angle of about 90° to the board surface as much as possible, so that the viscosity of the protective film will not decrease. Of course, you can also use a sharper knife to make some parallel marks on the protective film. The width of the parallel line is about 10cm, but this must be controlled. Do not cut through the protective film after signing, otherwise it will damage the aluminum-plastic board. Do a test on the remaining aluminum-plastic panels first. But if you are not good at it, try not to do this, otherwise it will not be cost-effective to damage the aluminum plate itself.

But if the adhesive layer of the protective film is in a semi-"melted" state, then the above method is not applicable. You can try to blow the surface with a blower, pay attention to the temperature is moderate, not too high, test the specific temperature by yourself , And then slowly tear, the manufacturer reminds you to put a layer of cloth or paper on the protective film of the aluminum-plastic plate. If the protective film is torn off, there may be some glue left on the board, which can be wiped with kerosene or alcohol.

It is recommended that you stick the loose perfume on the towel, then gently scrub on the aluminum-plastic board, and then tear it off. This is easier to tear. Pay attention to the direction of use. Generally 180 degrees is better to tear, that is, to pull up the protective film. Put your hand against the aluminum plate and apply force in the opposite direction.