How to increase the viscosity of the electrostatic protective film?

- Aug 17, 2018-

In general, the electrostatic protective film in the PE protective film can cause static electricity due to mutual attraction between molecules. When we use this protective film to open it, the attraction of the molecules between the film and the film is broken. In this process, static electricity is generated and adhered to the PE protective film. However, this electrostatic protective film is not a conductor. The static electricity contained in the protective film is limited to a constant value and cannot be further increased. If the protective film is contaminated a little, it will immediately lose its viscosity. If you want to restore its stickiness, it is very simple. Just clean the protective film and then dry it. After cleaning the contaminated protective film, it will restore its viscosity. However, it should be noted here that the protective film must be dried and must not be blown dry with the air duct. The consequences of this will result in failure of the protective film.

As the PE protective film, its viscosity is very important, and the viscosity, that is, the peeling force, is a performance index of the protective film bonding strength. It is also an important indicator for determining the price of protective film. The viscosity of the protective film is generally classified into micro-adhesive, low-viscosity, medium-low viscosity, medium viscosity, medium-high viscosity, high viscosity, and ultra-high viscosity. The thickness of the protective film includes the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the glue, and the price of the high temperature protective film having different thicknesses is usually different in price. When customers purchase protective film, they often ask what kind of material is used for this protective film. The material of each protective film is different, and its composition, performance and application fields are different. Protective film products will be asked before purchasing, let's tell you "what material is made of protective film".