How to deal with the use of PE glass film

- Aug 24, 2020-

PE glass film is widely used and can protect glass well, so do you know how to apply the film? First of all, it should be cut according to the size of the glass, so as to avoid waste and ensure the beautiful appearance. Before sticking the film, it is necessary to clean the glass first. You can use a moist cloth to clean the dust and oil stains on the glass.

Then apply the film. When applying the film, pay attention to removing the bubbles, and then spread the PE glass film evenly without affecting the appearance. In practical applications, some problems may occur, such as the weak adhesion between the PE protective film and the protected product, and the phenomenon of falling off during transportation and use. The reason for this problem is mainly due to the production of protective film products. The pressure-sensitive adhesive used when the viscosity is not enough.

In addition, it may also be because the pressure of the press molding machine is too small when the PE glass film is applied, or the glass surface is not clean, there is dust or paint, etc., which affects the adhesive effect of the sensitive adhesive. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to address the cause, prescribe the right medicine, replace the sensitive adhesive to increase the pressure of the film, or pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile when applying the film to avoid such problems.

Another common problem is that after a period of use, the middle part of the PE glass film is still relatively flat, but the ends are tilted. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film is stuck with the protected profile during the process of pulling it. The degree of extension is large. After the post is completed, unnecessary retraction occurs in a high temperature environment. This problem mostly occurs in the products of southern customers. Therefore, the PE protective film should pay attention to the environmental temperature difference during the production process. In the pasting process, avoid unnecessary surface stretching.

In addition, some users will encounter the problem of difficulty in peeling off the protective film product, which means that the protective film cannot be effectively peeled off during the PE glass film peeling process after the product is installed. The reason for this situation can be mainly considered from two aspects. One is that the sensitive adhesive used in the protective film product is not a special sensitive adhesive for protective film. If this is the case, the protective film is of course very effective when it is pasted, but in It will be very difficult to peel off.

The other reason is that when the PE glass film is produced, the material selected for the master tape is too soft to withstand the tensile force during peeling, and breakage occurs during peeling. It can be seen that, in the production and processing of PE glass film, strict management is required for each process to control the quality of the finished product.