How to deal with the phenomenon of degumming of the protective film of aluminum plate

- Jul 22, 2020-

Generally, after the construction of the user's device is completed, the protective film of the aluminum plate should be torn off from the surface of the profile, but the adhesive that appears on the protective film does not follow the protective film, but remains on the product of the profile. This is A phenomenon we do not want to see.

The residue on the profile will generally cause the aluminum plate protective film to be effectively peeled off. There are generally two possibilities. One is the sensitive adhesive used for the aluminum plate protective film products and the sensitive adhesive that is not used for the protective film. It is generally difficult to compare, which is also a common problem of protective films produced by some manufacturers of illegal protective films.

There is also a possibility that the material used in the protective film of the aluminum plate is too soft, and of course there is no way to withstand the pulling force during peeling, so that the appearance of cracking occurs during peeling, which is generally a problem that troubles users. problem.

Therefore, the key lies in the attention to the production of aluminum plate protective film. During production, we must step up the control and adjustment of related influencing factors and solve the problem in order to help us complete what we have to do.