How to deal with the degumming phenomenon of aluminum plate protective film

- Oct 19, 2020-

The degumming phenomenon has become a common phenomenon in films and tapes. Of course, such a phenomenon is not good. Generally, the quality of the product itself must be hard, so it is a big problem to pay attention to in production.

Generally, after the construction of the user’s device is completed, the protective film of the aluminum plate must be removed from the surface of the profile. However, the adhesive that appeared on the protective film did not follow the protective film, but remained on the product of the profile. A phenomenon we don't want to see.

What remains on the profile will generally cause the aluminum plate protective film to be unable to be effectively peeled. Generally, there are two possibilities. One is the sensitive adhesive used in the aluminum plate protective film product and the sensitive adhesive that is not the protective film. It is usually difficult to compare, and this is also a common problem with the protective film produced by some illegal protective film manufacturers.

Another possibility is that the material used in the protective film of the aluminum plate is too soft. Of course, there is no way to withstand a pulling force during the peeling, so that the appearance of cracking occurs during the peeling. Generally, this is a problem for users. problem.