How to completely remove the window protective film?

- Oct 18, 2018-

Our commonly used window protection film is basically made of OPP as the substrate, coated with acrylic glue on one side and attached to the release film. It has the advantages of smooth surface, high transparency, good temperature and weather resistance, etc. Surface protection during transportation with the product.
We need to tear the window protector after installing the window in place. How can we tear it off without damaging the window? First look at the oxidation of aluminum alloy, that is, the color of the spray is not, if not, it can be clear, use a solution of hot water and a little detergent to make the rag a little rough, do not use hard things to wipe, time It may take a while to waste some time and you can return to the original.
Under normal circumstances, the window protective film should be removed immediately after installing the upper wall of the wall. If it is difficult to tear off if it is not torn for a long time, you can tear it a little and then blow it with a hair dryer; you need to use loose perfume for degumming. Organic solvents to clean up.