How to choose the right protective film?

- Jun 01, 2020-

When choosing a protective film, you can first distinguish it according to the purpose. When protecting food, you need to choose special protective products for food. When protecting the screen of a mobile phone, you can buy a special film for mobile phones to use. In addition, when choosing the membrane, you can also combine some selection methods to buy, so that the product can be more in line with the actual application needs.

During the selection of the protective film, you can observe the surface of the object first, because the surface viscosity of different materials has a certain difference, if the selected film viscosity is not suitable, it will easily detach during use, so it will not play a good protective role, so Must be based on actual needs. Some membranes also need to undergo some subsequent processing during use. These subsequent processing can make the membrane and the object fit more closely and provide longer-term protection. Whether or not subsequent processing is required also depends on the nature of the object. When selecting a film, do not use viscosity as the sole criterion. If the thickness of the film is not suitable, the ideal protective effect cannot be achieved during use. Therefore, the standards of viscosity and thickness should be reasonable.

Many protective films also have a certain elongation and can be stretched during use, so the choice of flexibility when choosing a film is also one of the criteria. In order to be more applicable when using membranes to protect objects, people should have a certain understanding of membrane selection requirements.