How to choose protective film products correctly?

- May 15, 2020-

In the process of manufacturing protective film, appropriate raw materials will be selected in accordance with the use requirements of the product, so that the film made will reach different viscosity standards, and users can combine these characteristics when selecting products. If the viscosity of the film In line with the actual application requirements, a better bonding effect can be achieved in the process of using the film. In addition, the membrane can also be selected for application in accordance with the characteristics of the material. It should be noted that not all membranes can meet the application standards, and professionals can be responsible for the completion of membrane selection.

Some processing sites need to perform other processing operations on the film after using the protective film after selecting the protective film, such as drilling or forming operations on the surface of the film, and these processing methods not only affect the shape of the film, but also It will affect the viscosity and other characteristics of the film, so it is necessary to select the appropriate product according to the processing method and application purpose.

At present, the protective films introduced have different performances in terms of stretch. Some films have better stretchability, while others are worse. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate various factors to select the appropriate product.