How to choose PE Protective Film For Tile

- Dec 28, 2018-

When selecting a PE protective film for tiles, first ensure that the product has suitable transparency and gloss. That is to say, if the user has a higher requirement for the transparency of the protective film, it is necessary to observe the transmittance of the film at the time of selection, and the transmittance must be at least 92% or more. If the user does not require transparency, choose the white film that is usually used. If you choose white film, you need to see how it shines.


The second is to pay attention to the selection of the appropriate specifications. For the user, we need to consider whether the width and thickness of the PE protective film for ceramic tiles meet the requirements for use, and the thickness needs to be uniform, and the thickness of the horizontal and vertical can not be too large, so that the tile film is better to use. .


Finally, pay attention to the appearance of the product. Under normal circumstances, the quality of qualified PE tile film products should be smooth and flat, not to appear uneven, or black spots, impurities and so on. In addition, the surface of the protective film should not have bubbles, pinholes, and streaks, and the quality of the protective film is excellent.