How to choose PE protective film ?

- Mar 28, 2018-

PE protective film is mainly used for packing the goods, and preventing dust, scratches, oil, fingerprints etc. So now a lot of products will need PE protective film for surface protection. The market for PE protective film is very large.
  We have to consider the lowing factors when choosing PE protective film:
First of all, PE protective film should be determined according to the use of its viscosity. At present the main viscosity can be divided into low, medium and high viscosity. If the viscosity you choose is unreasonable, It will naturally affect the use effect. In general, The viscous is depended on the material of products. The viscosity are different for the surface such as plastic products, aluminum products, stainless steel sheet. In other words, we have to consider the smoothness of the surface. The viscosity is also different for mat surface, rough surface and gloss surface. Moreover, Whether the surface is painting or with what kind of painting, viscosity is also different.
Secondly, we have to determine the thickness of the PE protective film. In practice, some surfaces will have requirements for the thickness of PE protective film. When you using the film on mat surface, the viscosity will be higher. If you choose thinner thickness, the film is easy to be broken up when peeling off. So we have to consider the suitable thickness when choosing the film.
Finally, we have to choose the suitable width and length according to the usage. The wider and longer of the film, the heavier the film. If you use laminating machine, it is better to choose longer film according to the width of the surface.