How is the difference in the price of protective film caused?

- May 25, 2020-

First of all, the price of our protective film has a great relationship with the wettability of the product. When buying a protective film, people will find that many protective films with different price tags actually have no difference in appearance, which may be due to wetting Caused by differences in sex. The wettability has a great influence on the quality of the protective film. For example, when using the same thickness of the protective film, if the wettability of the product is better, then this protective film can be used for a longer time, and such The cost of protective film will also be higher.

 Secondly, the price of the protective film has a great relationship with the uniformity of the coating, and these are also judged in combination with the actual application effect of the protective film. Some protective film products are coated very evenly, and the raw materials are evenly coated on the surface of the film Therefore, when the protective film is used, the product can be well attached to the surface of the article, which can avoid the occurrence of bubble deformation during the use of the protective film.

Now the price of the protective film is related to many factors. In order to take advantage of the product after purchasing the protective film, users must pay attention to the regular manufacturers like our Wanhao protective film to purchase, and should also pay attention to the quality of the protective film s Choice.