Hard floor protection film polishing and gloss

- Mar 08, 2018-

Hard floor protective film in the production process of its white oily high solid wax, with aroma, the high temperature to some extent, oily semi-solid, hard floor protective film at low temperature showed a hard solid, can quickly penetrate the material pores, the use of Its high-speed polishing machine or washing machine for polishing, so that the ground has a strong gloss, high wear resistance and sealing effect, the rough surface to form a hard protective film, especially non-slip, scratch, wear and effective Prevent water, oil and other substances from erosion.

Hard floor protective film is the main component in the production of silicone oil, so that when used in the special anti-skidding agents, natural plant wax and antistatic agents, such products are often used in its composite flooring, solid wood flooring and tiles and rigid plastic, Paint and other ground.

Wax on the hard-floor protective film breaks down dirt and effectively removes deep stubborn stains and soils from the floor during use, thus achieving high levels of decontamination to a certain extent on the wooden or wooden floor of the house The wax is both beautiful and easy to clean, and can protect the floor to make it durable.

Hard floor protective film in the decoration before the start, you need to effectively affix its film on the surface of the floor, the hard floor in the decoration process from sand, dust, paint, paint contamination and erosion, and not directly friction with other objects And bring damage and scratches, can also be used in the flat furniture, paste performance test, easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residue, with objects bent 90 degrees, not broken, do not fall off, the decoration is complete, the film Tear off, eliminating a lot of cleaning work, better protection of the floor and furniture intact.