Glass film installation process and maintenance requirements

- Apr 08, 2018-

The glass film is a kind of film widely used in the home building materials market to a certain extent. When used, the glass film has various colors and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. To a certain extent, it is mainly used to decorate indoor and outdoor glass. This kind of glass film can not only change the monotonous and transparent image of ordinary glass, but also add a sense of beauty to the interior and exterior, and it can also block the heat, resist explosion and shock, and add safety insurance for the warmth of the room.

In the process of installing the glass film, the method is usually similar, that is, after removing the protective layer, it can be directly used to spray the mounting liquid on the clean glass surface and the surface of the mounting adhesive layer of the film to a certain extent. Remove excess corners from the glass and use an installation tool to remove excess moisture.

1. Do not move the glass within 3 days after the glass film is installed.

2. Do not wipe the glass with water for 15 days after the glass membrane is installed.

3. Do not use suction cups to hang on the film glass or use adhesives to fix any items, and do not paste stickers on the window film.

When the glass film is in use, it is mainly sprayed on the surface of the window film with a cleaning agent that does not contain ammonia, and then gently wipe the glass with a clean, soft cotton cloth or a soft paper towel. The cotton cloth and the paper towel often need to be wrung out. Pure rubbing alcohol on cotton/tissue will quickly dissolve huge stains and fatty fingerprints.