Five ways to remove residual glue from stainless steel protective film

- Jun 15, 2020-

1. Wipe the residual glue of the stainless steel protective film with a paper towel dipped in alcohol. It is best to use industrial alcohol or medical alcohol. It should be effectively removed after a few wipes;

Second, the use of acetone is the same as above. This method of removing the residual glue of the stainless steel protective film is not only thoroughly used but also very small. The biggest advantage is that it can remove the residual gum very quickly and effectively. Compared with alcohol, the effect is more obvious, and the purpose is more effective;

3. Use nail polish remover in the same way as alcohol and acetone, and the effect is also very ideal, because the quality of the nail polish remover is not excessive, as long as the nail polish can be removed normally;

4. To use hand cream, first remove the stainless steel protective film, then apply a layer of hand cream on the surface, and rub it gently with your fingers. As long as you work hard, the residual glue will be rubbed directly. In fact, it will be slower in time, and the hand cream is a grease product.

Regardless of its nature, it is incompatible with the stainless steel protective film, and it is best to use it for degumming, and it is more common in the selection of materials, and it is very convenient to use and operate. The scope is also relatively wide, and all can remove the residual glue well and effectively;

5. Use banana water. Banana water is an industrial agent used to remove paint. It is also more convenient to purchase. It is used in the same way as alcohol and acetone. You need to use a hot towel and apply it directly on the residual glue. And scrape it with a blade, the effect will gradually appear.