Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and wear-resistant of marble plastic PE protective film

- Jun 03, 2019-

The marble plastic PE protective film is environmentally friendly and non-toxic during the process of use. It can effectively use non-toxic and recyclable PET polyester film material during the process of use, which is not allergic to the skin and can effectively prevent formaldehyde in the floor splicing gap. Release. Excellent sealing and waterproofing: It is close to the floor or tile, like a coating. Under the long-term friction of the rag and the sole, it will never wrinkle and completely prevent the erosion of water and moisture.

Durable wear/scratch resistance of marble plastic PE protective film: the film thickness is 1.05 mm. The surface layer is matched with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant treatment technology. It is specially designed for the scratching of chairs, soles and pet claws. High transparency and good gloss: The light transmittance is up to 98%, which makes the natural texture of the wooden floor more perfect. The dull, worn floor can increase the gloss and repair the mask.

The marble plastic PE protective film has a certain anti-slip property, and has different convex stripe patterns during operation. It is specially designed for the water environment of the bathing room, effectively increasing the friction with the sole and preventing slipping.