Environmental protection problems of PE protective film

- Apr 29, 2020-

Environmental protection issues have attracted more and more attention and attention from people all over the world, and for environmental protection, protective film products are also one of the culprits that damage the environment. The protective film is gradually improving and facilitating our lives, but it is also slowly affecting In view of our living environment, the "white garbage" formed by the plastic products used is difficult to decompose, and it has rapidly polluted and endangered the environment.

Environmental protection solution of PE protective film

People pay more and more attention to environmental protection issues, and plastic products such as protective films must develop to green products and take the path of pollution-free, easily decomposed, and recyclable in order to get the choice of direct users and indirect users. In order to properly solve the problem of protective film waste, chemists are changing the structure of the protective film itself, so that the discarded protective film is completely decomposed in not too long.

Decomposable protective film:

1. At present, there are two types of plastics such as decomposable protective films. One type is the photolysis type. During the manufacturing process of this type of plastic, photosensitive groups are added to the polymer chain every certain distance. Such a PE protective film is safe and stable under the irradiation of artificial light, but under the irradiation of sunlight, the photosensitive group can absorb enough energy to break the polymer chain here, so that the plastic can be decomposed.

2. The other type is biodegradable plastics. This type of degradable plastics introduces some groups on the polymer chain, so that microorganisms in the air and soil can break the polymer chain into fragments and then completely decompose it . At present, such plastics are mainly starch-based biodegradable protective films.