Electrostatic protective film performance characteristics

- Jun 30, 2018-

1, excellent surface adsorption, can replace 30g viscosity below the PE sticky protective film, and no residue, white mist;

2, excellent and wet, can be attached immediately after injection molding injection, easy to peel off after cooling, without any residue;

3. It can easily discharge the chemical solvent gas that is slowly released on the surface of the painted part, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of re-action with the paint machine, and greatly improving the yield of the painted product;

4, the surface of the static protective film is smooth, easy to check the product;

5, temperature, humidity test can withstand (75 degrees 95%) 960 hours without exception, the maximum temperature can withstand 120 degrees.

Electrostatic Protection Film Application Field PE static protection film is widely used in various display frames and panels, light guide plates, cell phone cases, computer panels, TV frames and bases, electronic game enclosures, PDA, LCD panels and other electronic plastic injection molding products surface Protection, PC sheet, acrylic sheet, ITO film, etc. Surfaces that do not require special heat and humidity resistance, such as glossy materials