Effect of PE protective film on eyes

- Jan 10, 2020-

It is visually similar to a glossy protective film, but in fact this material combines the different advantages of a glossy and AG anti-glare protective film. It looks bright, which guarantees the sharpness of the screen. In addition, its surface is treated with AR, which can effectively reduce the reflection (the industry recognized that less than 1% is the best, and ordinary bright masks reach about 15%), This is a bit similar to the anti-glare function of AG scrub. As for other mobile phone users, the brightness of the mobile phone can be lowered, and the picture can be clearly seen in the power saving mode.

The identification method is to divide the computer screen into three areas: left, middle, and right. Put no protective film or frosted protective film on the left, AR film in the middle, and normal bright protective film on the right. Compare the effects of the three protective films in the two states, you will definitely find that the matte material affects the visual effect due to too much haze, and the ordinary bright surface protective film also affects the visual effect due to the strong reflection, only the middle AR film gives a softer and clearer visual enjoyment, so there is an eye protection film.

You can see more clearly in an environment with high outdoor brightness. The more important thing is that the reflected light is soft. You will find that your own image on the screen is dark and unclear when the screen is black. This is because the reflection is small. The effect of giving eyes to the user after lighting, especially for users who work in front of the computer all year round. You will find that the current high-end laptops and the most popular Apple products (mobile phones, tablets, all-in-ones, etc.) are AR-processed on the screen surface. Because some brands of such protective films look purple, green, or blue from a certain angle, of course, I would like to recommend AR films without color. 

Because of this, you can see a more realistic picture. But you also know that such products are of higher quality and relatively expensive.https://www.pe-protectionfilm.com/