Does the bathroom need a glass explosion-proof film?

- Feb 15, 2020-

Be careful when selecting glass explosion-proof films, and try to choose explosion-proof films certified by the International Window Film Association and qualified to produce safety films. Some inferior explosion-proof membranes whose main component is polyvinyl chloride, not only do not provide any protective effect in the event of accidents, but also contain toxic substances, which will cause chronic injury if used for a long time.

Bathroom products on the market, due to consideration of aesthetics and other reasons, generally do not bring explosion-proof film on the glass. The explosion-proof film can increase the strength of the tempered glass, and at the same time burst in the tempered glass. The self-explosive glass fragments can be stuck together by the adhesive force of the explosion-proof film to prevent the glass fragments from being splashed and injured by the self-explosion of the glass. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of injury to the bathroom glass due to self-explosion, the owner can purchase an explosion-proof film to stick in case. The application of safety explosion-proof membranes has reached 80% in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is still an emerging industry in China. With the improvement of domestic consumers' safety awareness, glass explosion-proof membranes for bathrooms and bathrooms will be widely used.

1. The explosion-proof glass barrier film can effectively prevent the hazards caused by the self-explosion of the partition glass in the bathroom. The self-explosive glass fragments will stick together, will not splash, and will not cause secondary harm to the human body. Major damage, even after accidental impact, no sharp-angled debris.

2. Explosion-proof glass for bathroom and bathroom partition glass has thermal insulation and energy saving (compared with non-stick, the indoor temperature can be 30% different), UV isolation (explosion-proof film blocking rate up to 97%, preventing ultraviolet damage to the human body and the bathroom), protection Privacy (the partition glass with explosion-proof membrane is presented as a single item to meet your high-quality life and create an all-weather private space), and the decoration effect is good (the colors of various explosion-proof membranes are consistent with the style of the bathroom wall to improve the overall space aesthetics).