Do you know Glass protective film maintenance and maintenance?

- Mar 09, 2018-

Under normal circumstances, the glass protective film is transparent, generally when the paste is mainly through the product's own electrostatic adsorption glass, has a good weather resistance. Moreover, after the installation of the glass is completed, no trace or adhesive residue is left after tearing off the glass protective film, so as to ensure the cleanliness and brightness of the glass. It can be said that this solves the risk that other adhesive-type protective films have residual adhesive that is difficult to clean.


In fact, the so-called glass protective film actually refers to a layer of a protective film that has a special purpose or requirements attached to the glass surface. Common protective film material can generally be divided into PE protective film, PET protective film, PVC protective film and PP protective film and so on. As a new type of material, this product has long been widely used in our lives.


In real life, the benefits of using glass protective film are also many, such as insulation, insulation, security, UV protection and create a private space. How can we maintain it during use? First, after the protective film is attached, do not move the glass any more, and do not use water to wipe the glass. In addition, it is not possible to use a suction cup to hang on the film glass or to fix any items with adhesives, and do not stick sticker decorations on the window film.


In general, the use of glass protective film can be quite common, it can be used for glass entrance, glass partitions, glass sliding doors, shower rooms, glass doors and windows, sun room and so on. This can also achieve a different kind of decorative effect.


In addition, as the design level continues to increase, the types of glass protective film products are becoming more and more abundant. For example, many new glass protective film products also have features such as three-dimensional irregularities, light and shadow transmission, matte shading, and the like, which provide the finishing touch for interior decoration.