Comparison of performance of transparent plastic film

- Apr 13, 2019-

Polyethylene transparent plastic film is a colorless, odorless, odorless, translucent non-toxic insulating material, used in a large number of bags; food bags, can also be made into a variety of containers. PVC film has good light resistance and aging resistance and has good tear resistance. It is breathable. It is a clean, colorless and transparent film. It is usually added with plasticizer. It is soluble in acetone. , a solvent such as cyclohexanone. 

Polystyrene transparent plastic film is a soft and tough film, clean, colorless and transparent. When plasticizer is not used, the film layer is always soft, freeze-resistant, and stored without aging. The oxidative polymerization of synthetic binder ink is used for printing. The print fastness can be better. Polyester film is colorless, transparent, moisture-resistant, gas-tight, soft, strong, acid-base oil ester and solvent, and is not afraid of high and low temperature materials. After EDM treatment, it has better surface fastness to ink. . Used in packaging and composites. 

Polypropylene transparent plastic film has good gloss and good transparency, heat-resistant acid and alkali, solvent resistance, friction resistance, tear resistance, and gas permeability. It can not be heat sealed when it is lower than 160 °C. Nylon transparent plastic film is stronger than polyethylene film, odorless, non-toxic, impervious to bacteria, oil, ester, boiling water and most solvents. It is generally used for load-bearing, wear-resistant packaging, and retort packaging (food re- Hot), it can be printed without surface treatment.