Coloring technology and life extension of clear glass film

- Nov 06, 2018-

In a hot summer day, the room temperature of a room with a transparent glass membrane is 4-6 degrees lower than that of a normal room; in winter, it is 4-6 degrees higher, and indoor life is more comfortable. Insulation in summer is 85%, winter insulation, reducing heat loss by more than 50%, greatly saving energy consumption.

Transparent glass film to isolate ultraviolet rays, people and things bathe with better sunlight

The clear glass film can block 99% or more of harmful ultraviolet rays passing through ordinary glass to a certain extent, and effectively protect indoor cultural relics, historical materials, crafts, and books to a certain extent without fading, aging, and prolonging its life. It is far higher than other glass products and sunscreens, and is attached with a film to protect it from ultraviolet rays. It prolongs the use period of furniture and accessories in the home and enjoys better sunshine.


The clear glass film can utilize advanced coloring technology, so that the room film can meet the requirements of style and color when decorating and decorating different consumers. The glass film gives the building a new and unique appearance, and the cost is low, and the installation does not cause inconvenience to indoor personnel. Deep dyed film, semi-reflective or total reflection film, rich in color and pattern. The interior is more comfortable and pleasant, and the appearance is more consistent.