Classification and characteristics of glass film

- Oct 26, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of the production technology of glass film, the categories of products are becoming more and more abundant. At present, architectural glass film is mainly divided into two series: solar film and safety film. The main varieties are: transparent heat mirror, heat reflective film, Low-reflection heat insulation, low-emission (Low-E) film, frosted and translucent decorative film, transparent safety film, etc.


What are the characteristics of these different types of glass films? The high-transparent protective film is made by processing ceramic materials into nano-particles. This kind of protective film product has extremely low reflectivity and high heat insulation rate. The heat-reflecting type of glass film has good light-shielding properties and thermal insulation properties, which makes the indoor light soft and comfortable.


At present, the safety type glass film is widely used. The series of protective films are mainly made of multi-layer mesh safety substrates which are overlapped and overlapped, and have impact resistance, and the glass breakage does not cause debris splashing. It also has good sound insulation performance, and the barrier to ultraviolet rays has reached more than 99%. In addition, there is a comprehensive glass film product, which achieves the effect of heat insulation and energy saving and achieves a safe effect.