Chemical stability and gloss of PE protective film for tile

- Jun 05, 2019-

Let's take a look at its main performance!

1. Transparency and gloss: The tile protective film has higher requirements on its light transmittance, generally should be above 92%, and has good gloss.

2. Specifications and deviations: The width, thickness and deviation of the film should meet the requirements, and the thickness is uniform, and the thickness deviation in the horizontal and vertical directions is small.

3. Appearance: The surface should be smooth and smooth, without wrinkles, no obvious unevenness, black spots, obvious bright strips, yin and yang surface, etc. There are no streaks, scars, gluten and other diseases.

4. Physical and mechanical properties: Since the protective film is subjected to mechanical force during printing and lamination, the protective film material should have certain mechanical strength and flexibility.

5. Geometric dimensional stability: It should have a certain geometric dimensional stability. If the expansion ratio is too large, it will be easily deformed by mechanical force or heat during printing and compounding.

6. Chemical stability: The protective film should have certain resistance to chemicals.

7. Moisture permeability and oxygen permeability: The protective film material should have a certain amount of water vapor transmission and a certain amount of oxygen permeation.

8. Surface tension: The surface tension of the protective film should reach a certain standard to avoid affecting the adhesion and adhesion of the ink and the adhesive on the surface.