Characteristics of Glass Protection Film and production steps thereof

- Sep 25, 2018-

The Glass Protection Film has good adhesion to glass, can not be lifted and peeled off; and has stable viscosity, convenient use, easy to tear and easy to stick, no residue; it also shows good weather resistance and stickiness during use. Force stability, mainly used for the adhesion of indoor glass surfaces, reducing the fragility of glass.


In the process of changing the Glass Protection Film from the raw material to the protective film, the conversion of the raw material is first. The raw material of the Glass Protection Film is polyethylene particles, and it is necessary to use a film blowing machine to convert from PE particles to PE films.

The original film is a basic film. The factory selects the original film of the appropriate thickness according to the customer's use and needs, and applies the glue to the protective film through the coating machine to make it sticky and better attached to the surface of the product.


The Glass Protection Film then passes through the longer air heating channels to ensure that the water or solvent is evaporated. The corona film can be directly coated with acrylic glue without the need for a primer. The process of sizing is very particular. The ratio of glue is different, and the speed of the machine will make the viscosity of the protective film very different. Finally, it can be directly rewound on the coater to the length required by the customer.