Causes of residual PE protective film

- Feb 19, 2020-

Many of the causes of residual PE protective film adhesive are human factors. The protective film is very simple at first glance, thinking that any kind of film can meet the protection needs of its own products. However, there is still a lot of expertise in it. For example, a high temperature resistant protective film is required during the high temperature in the manufacturing process; it is necessary to keep the film surface free of chemical residues such as grease and banana water before filming, otherwise it is easy to cause chemical reactions between the residue and glue, causing degumming and so on. 

Second, the internal factors of glue

11. Cohesive failure: Both the protected surface and the substrate have pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the rubberized surface of the protective film loses its luster.

2. Sticky base damage: there is more rubber residue on the protected surface, and the substrate on the coated side of the PE protective film can be seen.

3. Residual migration: A small amount of pressure sensitive adhesive remains on the surface to be protected, and the gloss of the PE protective film coated surface remains good.