Carpet protective film features and advantages

- Apr 20, 2018-

The carpet protection film is mainly applied to the carpet during the operation process, and the product can be covered on the surface of the exhibition carpet during the operation, so that it can achieve its dust-proof effect to a certain extent, so that it will make The carpet can effectively maintain its clean and tidy effect.

The color of the carpet protection film is transparent, blue, green, milky white, black, black and white, and the product viscosity is 600-1200g/25mm.

Carpet protective film characteristics

The carpet protective film is stable in viscosity, easy to use, easy to tear and stick, and not sticky. It can be customized according to customer needs.

Advantages of carpet protection film

My experience in producing carpet protective film is very rich. Upward in a certain degree, we can produce according to the professional production requirements. We have successfully developed a protective film that is specially applied to exhibition carpets. Solved a major problem facing the exhibition carpet industry.

1. High viscosity: According to the actual needs of the carpet, our company adjusts the production process, and the protective film produced has a high viscosity. Easy to paste, will not fall off automatically, will not be blown by the wind, there will be no residue, will not contaminate the carpet and other advantages.

2.Big Width: The maximum width of the protective film produced by our company can reach up to 1.50 meters. This is currently available from other domestic manufacturers.

3. Large roll length: The protective film produced by our company has a large roll length of up to 1500 meters. Particularly suitable for automated production, can reduce the number of roll change, increase production.

4. The thickness is moderate: The thickness of the protective film produced by our company is moderate, which can play an effective role in protecting the carpet, but it will not cause the production cost to be too high due to the thick film. Users can maximize profits.