Carpet film applicator efficacy and performance test

- Apr 23, 2019-

The carpet film applicator can be produced from printing, compounding, rubberizing, gluing and splitting to produce different protective films with different viscosity, thickness, specification and layout according to customers' requirements. The product surface of the user's products in the manufacturing, transportation, blanking, stretching, bending, rolling and other mechanical processing is not polluted, free from mechanical damage, improve product quality, reduce product loss, improve user product competitiveness, for users Bring economic benefits. 

The carpet film applicator has stable viscosity, easy to tear and easy to stick, easy to use, and no residual glue. Mainly used for surface protection of various carpets. Adhesive performance test of carpet film applicator: easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residual glue; no residual glue left on the surface after peeling; load test, no residual surface after peeling off; UV aging test: at 50 degrees Under the irradiation of 300w ultraviolet lamp for 60h, it will not crack or deform, and there will be no residual marks on the surface after tearing off.

The carpet film applicator is made of a film with a specific formula as the base material, and the resin is used as the main material of the pressure-sensitive adhesive, and is prepared by coating, slitting and packaging with a specific auxiliary agent; the softness of the film is good, The speed of the surface to be attached is fast; the rate of increase of peeling strength after the board is low; the stability of the pressure sensitive adhesive is good, and does not have any adverse effect on the surface to be attached.