Can the protective film be attached to the refrigerator?

- Jun 03, 2020-

Household protective film is the most used plastic wrap in our daily home kitchen. Housewives are tired of cooking in the kitchen every day, especially the fumes in the kitchen are very annoying, so they thought of a way to go to the supermarket to buy the kind of relatively large food cling film, and then paste it Use the outer surface of the appliance in the kitchen, so that only the protective film of the outer surface needs to be torn off at intervals. This method is especially posted on our refrigerator. There is also attached to the wall around the inside of the gas stove. There is a reason why housewives choose a protective film for home. First, it is easier to stick, and secondly, the cost is also low.

In fact, it is not safe to do so. Attentive citizens, did you find that one side of our refrigerator is hot, and the refrigerator needs heat to work? Once the side of the refrigerator is pasted with a protective film, it must be very cool. The big impact will cause serious accidents, so everyone must remind relatives at home not to use the protective film in this way.