Blue Pe Plastic Protective Film can extend the life of plastic steel doors and windows

- Jan 28, 2019-

In order to give full play to the advantages of plastic steel doors and windows, and extend the service life of plastic steel doors and windows, during the use, attention should be paid to the protection and maintenance of plastic steel doors and windows:

a. Clean the dust on the doors and windows regularly, and keep the doors and windows, glass and hardware clean and bright.

b. If the doors and windows are contaminated with oil and other difficult to clean things, it is best not to clean them with strong acid or strong alkali solution. Otherwise, not only the appearance of the profile will be damaged, but also the PE protective film tape and oxide layer on the exterior of the hardware. The result is corrosion of the hardware.

c. The granules and other debris on the inside of the frame should be arranged in time to avoid blocking the drainage channel and causing poor drainage and water leakage.

d. When opening the doors and windows, the strength should be moderate, and try to keep the speed even when opening and closing.

e. If the door and window are open or insensitive during use, you should find the reason in time. If the customer can't remove the problem, you can contact the manufacturer and supplier of the door and window so that the problem can be removed in time.

f. Try to avoid the use of strong objects to hit the door or window or scratch the appearance of the profile.