Blue glass protective film characteristics and application industry

- Sep 21, 2018-

The blue glass protective film is coated with a blue-based vinyl film as a substrate and an acrylate-based adhesive. The glue is colorless, transparent, soft and sticky. The thin blue glass protective film is 30uum. It is generally used for the screen printing surface. The commonly used thickness is 50um-15um. The viscosity is low, medium and high. select.


Compared with ordinary protective film, blue glass protective film has anti-wear, anti-scratch and dustproof effect, color blue is easy to identify; and all processes are operated in clean room to ensure customers' cleanliness requirements. . Therefore, the blue glass protective film has the characteristics of high cleanliness, no residue, good adhesion, scratch resistance, good flexibility, and good weather resistance.


Before the decoration and processing, the blue glass protective film can make the product not be stained and eroded by sand, dust, paint, paint, and not directly rubbed with other objects to cause damage and scratching. Products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, printing, composite, hardware, plastics, optoelectronics, silk screen, metal and other products and fields to do surface film protection