Automotive film enhances security against UV rays

- Apr 18, 2018-

Car film can effectively reduce its heat loss in the process of operation, in the winter, it can effectively reduce the heat loss inside the car, its high-quality thermal explosion-proof film can reduce heat loss up to about 34%. Automotive film can also be effective Reduce its filtered glare.

Automotive Membrane Filtration and UV Blocking

When used, automotive membranes can effectively filter glare and glare at night, which can improve comfort and safety to a certain extent. Ultraviolet light is a cause of skin burns in the solar spectrum, skin cancer and car dashboard, seats and The main factor that fades the quality of textiles.

Automotive membrane protection for personal safety

After the accidental crushing of glass, its heat-resistant explosion-proof film can adhere the broken glass to the original place to prevent the glass from spattering and injuring people and enhance the ability to prevent accidents, storms and other disasters.

Automotive film insulation

Professional thermal explosion-proof membrane can block solar heat 50-85%, significantly reduce the temperature inside the car and improve the comfort of the car.

Car film can enhance theft resistance

Due to its special structure and superior adhesion, the automotive film can greatly enhance the strength of the glass to a certain degree, effectively improving the impact resistance of the glass to a certain extent, and delaying the time taken by the thieves. Experiments have shown that when high-quality car explosion-proof membranes are used, the time to break a piece of glass is extended from a few seconds to several tens of seconds. According to police statistics, 10 seconds is enough for the criminals to panic. Difficult to retreat.